Fly tying vise ALL in ONE


As the name implies, we wanted to create a fly tying vise that could be used to tie everything from Salmon flies, Waddington, tube flies, salt water flies as well as all sizes of streamers, dry and wet flies as well as the smallest of nymphs. The very robust construction of this vise with its parallel vise jaws insures excellent gripping pressure on all sizes of hooks.
The opening and closing of the jaws is accomplished by a large machined screw. Because of the very refined method of construction, you do not have to fear a weakening of jaw strength through wear and tear on the screw.
When tying Waddingtons or tube flies the tubes are held very securely in small indentations in the jaws. 
Through the use of extra jaws even the smallest of flies can be tied. To change the jaws only a screw driver is necessary. 
In order to provide the best position for tying this vise can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally as well as vertically and any desired angle selected. The shaft of the vise is 8 mm thick and is attached to a strong metal base via a large screw.


Tying vise, complete  163,61
1 set replacement jaws     22,56

From tube flies ... 

... via Waddingtons...

up to dry and wet flies, streamer or Salmon flies ...

all types of flies can be tied optimally in this vise.