Fly reel series Dyna Brake


a new dimension of flyreels with
the revolutional fight control drag system


Dyna Brake - much more than a simple single action reel.

- sturdy construction
- moderate large arbor
- antireverse - function
- permanent adjustable drag power
- fight control function while fighting the fish use crank to adjust drag power
   reel forward to stenghthen drag adjustment
reel backwards to get back to standard adjustment.

Obtainable in line classes 8 to 12.

Perfect for freshwater and saltwater flyfishing.

Optical changes are available on request.
Feel free to ask for your individual needs.


The most modern High Tech materials offer you the best stability, 
reliability and corrosion protection, and is lightweight.

The use of Aluminium and High Tech plastics in the spool with reenforced ribs aids in the cleaning of the reel and the line at the end of a day saltwater fishing. Rinsing the reel with clean tap water, the ribs allow not only the reel spool to be cleaned, but also the line and backing will be freed of salt residue. 


Technical Facts:


Line capacity


Al 89 mm

WF 9 + 200 m 20 lbs Backing

250 g

Al 99 mm WF 10 + 300 m 30 lbs Backing 285 g

Al 109 mm

WF 11 + 400 m 30 lbs Backing  

330 g

Al - K 89 mm

WF 9 + 200 m 20 lbs Backing

210 g




Al 89 mm


Al 99 mm 1080,-- 552,20

Al 109 mm



Al - K 89 mm