Additonal special order options

In the house Franolic┤,all products are designed, improved and produced. Quality control is of the utmost importance. We are also able to use ideas and new concepts for new reels and, after intensive discussion, can realize these special wishes.
If the new idea is in fact sound, then a prototype will be constructed. Then we study the results and make improvements. Only then, after many changes or improvements do we go into final production of the reel. All parts of the reel are finished on modern machines, checked and rechecked by hand and then finally assembled by hand.

All of our products are protected by law in order to eliminate copies and to garantie top quality.


Rag_gang02.jpg (39417 Byte)
Model R.A.G. with engraved gear ratios

rag_gang03.jpg (24598 Byte)
Detail of Model R.A.G. with engraved 
gear ratios
rueckseite01.jpg (41850 Byte)
Perforated back plate
rueckseite02.jpg (34412 Byte)
Normal model: the best for engravings

Model R.A.G. ě 77 mm with Titanium finish

Color variations




Inlay work with Mother of Pearl



Even for the most exotic wishes we are able to offer some suggestions.
The highest quality of material is professionally formed and inlayed. The results are highly individual and extremely handsome and of course the function of the reel is enhanced.